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Spaceship Landing on Earth

Bradley McNeil IV Welcomes You

Welcome to my portfolio. I am thrilled you’ve come to visit my showcase of work that I’ve compiled over the years.

What differentiates me from other game developers is that I can come into any project with an open mind with no bias for or against the work I'm prompted with. This makes me very flexible in any area you can include me in, creating a bridge from one team to another. I also like to work my way up the ladder of work so I can show my employers I deserve the job and I can even go above and beyond to something more important.

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Other Projects

Games Worked on Solo

I have other projects I have completed using Unity & Unreal which consist of:

  • 2d Rogue-Like - Unity 2d

  • Endless Runner - Unreal

  • Endless Roller - Unity 2d

Click the link to listen to my sound design material: 

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What I'm Doing Now

We have now released on Android and IOS but due to COVID-19 our resources have were drastically reduced. At the moment the app is not intended to have any new updates.



My job was to handle the design, game testing, and monetization efforts at Drillbit Studios. I specialize in game design and analysis for play testing in game functions w/ a smidge of sound design in the mix.

I was also head of PR and monetization for This is Not a Drill, a frantic endless jumper mobile game in development by Drillbit Studios.

If you’re interested in learning more about me or my work, simply reach out.



Game Design


QA Testing

Monetization Efforts

Game Analytics

Building onto mobile devices​ using Unity:

Android Studio


Game Engines

Unity 2D & 3D

Unreal Engine 4

Basic Skills

Reason [Sound/Audio Software]




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