Rave Chic

Sound Based Game

This game was made as a final project in an art and sound based game design class. It includes a lot of pixel art I used with an application called Piskel. All of the sounds were also made by myself except the first sound when you win the game.

The overall design of the game was to make something that used music to progress through a very energetic and colorful setting. This made me think of a rave party, but I didn't want to use humans and I wanted a cool name for it so I used chickens and incorporated it in the design. I think of raves playing music such as techno and dubstep which gave me the idea to make all the sounds the chicken made like synths. 

The easier aspects of this game was the art, making it was pretty straight forward when I did the overall design of the game first. I really like how I incorporated a techno visor it just seemed like something a person would wear in that setting. The small animations I did were't time costly at all but I'm not an artist I have my limitations.

Getting into the sound is really where the core game design aspects are. The player must play Simon says with other techno chickens in order to progress throughout the level and find their mate. Each chicken the player encounters uses up to four different sounds it can use for its turn and then after it is done the player must copy those sounds to get through barriers placed in the scene. Adaptive music is also a thing I've implemented in the game so depending on the section or area of the game the player is the music will change completely still giving off the dubstep/techno vibe of a rave.

It's not all that simple though, the crowd of ravers all around the player is an obstacle that must not be touched. If there is a lot of people within a crowd and you can't see anything then basically you're lost and this is what I thought when I created this. So every time you touch the crowd you get lost and end up right back at the beginning.

Please take some time out and play my game! It's browser based so you can load it up anytime. Enjoy the music!

Best used on Google Chrome 

Link to music associated with the game: 


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